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The ONLY brand new Taxi in Skopelos! Now, you can count on SAFETY, COMFORT and TIMELY transportation.

Zahos Stamoulis, tel: +30.6972841329

Exceptional Taxi Service Since 1990
Driving experience of 1.500.000 Klm.
Zahos Stamoulis

If you are looking for your private taxi driver in Skopelos, then you are at the right site.
My five core values: respect, integrity, safety, enthusiasm and efficiency.
Now, you can count on safety, comfort and timely transportation.
You can trust an experienced and reliable professional driver who could give you a safe and enjoyable ride by a luxurious and reliable car (new SKODA Superb 2017)
I would like to organize your appointments according to the places you want to visit, so that you save time and money.